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More Important New Virginia Laws

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The unreachable target of Formula One championships is now within sight.

More Important New Virginia Laws

driving car

Yes, really. The secret ingredient to the perfect mid-day nap is our old friend coffee. But employed in a way that might surprise you.


Open with an amazing fact or startling statement that arouses reader interest. Adelphi University students spend an average of seven hours per day surfing the Internet.

 “Clones! Or am I seeing double? Hey,are you guys related?” Junior twins Andrew and Doug Overtonsay dealing with “lame” jokes is just one ofthe disadvantages of going through life asa twin. But they admit there are plenty ofadvantages, too.

Using a narrative style, begin by introducing the main characters, the conflict and perhaps the setting of the story.• Make readers feel the drama and want to know what’s going to happen next.• Identification of people can be postponed until a later paragraph to avoid disrupting the flow of the lede.

The man reached out a dirty hand,palm up. “All I’ve got is a few bucks,” MattO’Malley said, reaching into his pocket. The next thing O’Malley knew, he wason the ground with a boot on his chest.The Adelphi University junior was beingmugged.

Begin with a description of a scene surrounding an event.• Typically used for stories in which the setting is prominent, such as Homecoming, commencement, Freshman Orientation, plays, etc.

Cite one point of view or observation and then follow with the opposite view. Facebook rots the brain, according to new research by Adelphi University psychology professor Kendrick Jones. Anita Patel, an honors student at Adelphi University, says that just isn’t true.

Use few words (25 max.)• To the point and factual• Gives reader quick summary of story in as few words as possible.• Usually one sentence.• Summary ledes often focus on the who and what of the story and then follow closely with the when and where. The how and why may be explained or suggested further into the story. 

Focus often focus on the who and what of the story and then follow closely with the when and where. The how and why may be explained or suggested further into the story.on the most important of the 5W’s and H.• Summarize the most newsworthy fact within the first 10 words.• Begin with the subject of the most newsworthy fact (usually the who or what)• Cite source of any opinions.• Consider a delayed identification or blind lede.

Blind: For saving the life of the victim of a hit-and-run accident, two Adelphi Universityjuniors were honored for bravery. In a ceremony held last week, DaveDavidson and Tiffany Ng received aplaque naming them heroes. Davidsonand Ng pulled communications professorMary Johnson from a car just before itexploded.

For example The purchase of new computers will strain next year’s budget, Adelphi University President Robert Scott announced at last week’s faculty meeting.(Under 25 words, focuses on who and what)

DATE:  ….


The commonwealth is undergoing a long-awaited transformation these days and it seems we’re told about a sexy new development or new law every day. Some laws that just went into effect on July 1 haven’t made headlines, but are important nonetheless. Here are a few that are likely to impact you this year, and some others that might.

Lottery Winners Can Remain Anonymous Over $10 Million

Like this’ll every apply to you. SB 1060 & HB 1650

Reckless driving speed raised

SB 63 & HB 885 raise the reckless driving speed limit from 80mph to 85mph. The lead-footed around the state are a little happier today.

HOA can't prohibit electric car charge station in unit

SB 630: “Prohibits certain common interest community associations from prohibiting the installation of an electric vehicle charging station within the boundaries of a member’s unit or limited common element parking space appurtenant to the unit owned by the unit owner or, in the case of a property owners’ association, a lot owner’s property…”

Prohibit Racial Profiling In Law Enforcement

HB 1250: “The data analysis shall be used to determine the existence and prevalence of the practice of bias-based profiling and the prevalence of complaints alleging the use of excessive force.”

Tax breaks for landlords who accept housing vouchers

HB 590 extends tax credits to landlords who accept housing vouchers to a third msa, northern Virginia.

No tolls during evacuation


Faking a crime


Same sex couples and single people can become parents through surrogacy


More Body 2


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