Virginia Beach Seeks Residents’ Input On Proposed Changes To Rudee Loop

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The city of Virginia Beach is preparing to turn the expanse of asphalt at the south end of the strip into something more befitting the area, but first it needs your help.

In May of this year the city announced a request for proposals to develop the six acres of Rudee Loop, and it subsequently received four such proposals, including one from local football legend Bruce Smith. Now it’s the residents’ turn to give their feedback, by simply filling out a short online survey.

On the survey you’ll find descriptions of the four proposals, as well as several questions about how you currently use the Loop, and what you both want and don’t want to appear at the bottom of the strip.

The four proposals:

Bruce Smith Enterprise, Madison Marquette Development Team and Armada Hoffler 

Gold Key | PHR: Option 1 and Option 2 (Option 2 includes property not owned by the City)  

The Virginia Gentlemen Foundation and EDSA: Option 1 and Option 2

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation 

Some of the features that could soon appear at Rudee Inlet include a skate park, a fishing pier, a stage, a food truck plaza, a dog park, and even a surfing museum. So have your say. The survey will be available through January 8.

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