Virginia Beach Ranks 29th Among the Nation’s Least Stressed Cities

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Virginia Beach is once again being called one of the least-stressed cities in the country, this time in a new report by personal finance website Wallethub.

We recently told you about how Charlotte’s Web sought to find the least stressed cities in the country, and listed Virginia Beach in the 4th position. Now WalletHub has asked the same question and they’ve arrived at a slightly different result.

To identify the least and most stressed cities, WalletHub conducted an analysis of 182 cities, including the 150 most populous and at least two major cities from each state. The evaluation looked at four key dimensions: Work Stress, Financial Stress, Family Stress, and Health & Safety Stress.

Within those categories there were 39 pertinent metrics used, each assigned a weight that reflects its significance. These metrics were assessed on a 100-point scale, with higher scores denoting higher stress levels. Each city’s weighted average across all metrics was determined, leading to the final ranking of the cities.

According to WalletHub, Virginia Beach is the 29th least stressed city in the United States this year, with a commendable Work Stress score of 103, a Financial Stress score of 155, a Family Stress score of 139, and a Health & Safety Stress score of 153.

South Burlington, VT is the standout, and the home of low stress living in the United States, with an exceptional Work Stress score of 110, Financial Stress score of 182, Family Stress score of 182, and Health & Safety Stress score of 177. Behind South Burlington were Fremont, CA and Sioux Falls, SD in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. In the Charlotte’s Web study, the least stressed city was Boise, ID.

Nearby, Chesapeake, VA is 37th in the country this year in the WalletHub study. Chesapeake was the 15th least stressed city in this year’s Charlotte’s Web study.

Source: WalletHub

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