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            October 2, 2020
            201 Market Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

            “Bargatze’s comedy is both clean and relatable, evident in his six appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon following four appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He appeared on Conan four times, was a recurring guest on @midnight, and had his own Comedy Central Presents in 2011. Off-screen, Bargatze was part of Jimmy Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour, and has done live shows for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait five times. He regularly performs at Bonnaroo, SXSW, Oddball Comedy Festival, Sasquatch, Clusterfest, and the JFL Montreal Comedy Festival, where he’s received critical acclaim multiple years in a row. Bargatze is also in production on a pilot for ABC, which he created and stars in.”


The Porsche 911 8th Generation

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Familiar lines and some new features

porsche-911 992

The classic sportscar with the unmistakeable shape and the engine in its ass is back, and bigger and better and setting faster Nurburgring lap times.

It’s bigger, better, and has more of those Teutonic idiosyncrasies we’ve always loved. The new 911 has added size, safety features, performance and more to best ever iteration of Porsche’s iconic model.


As with the 991.2 generation that preceded it, standard 992 generation 911 models will feature three liter flat six engines utilizing forced induction. The perennially top selling S model was released first and available now, packing 450 horsepower, up from 420. Torque has increaded from 370 lb-ft to 390.

The larger turbos hooked up to the 911 mean it’s gotten significantly faster, it’s 0-60 time dropping from 4.1 seconds to 3.5, though its top speed stays at 191mph. This despite the car’s weight jumping to 3382 lbs, 163lbs heavier than the previous incarnation.

This weight gain might be surprising because for the first time the car’s body panels are entirely light-weight aluminum. But the gains come from a heftier PDK transmission (with an extra gear), beefed up crash structures at the front, and other changes like a considerable particulate filter on the engine in EU cars.


Changes on the outside will be subtle to non-enthusiasts, and dramatic to 911 lovers. Every 911 from this generation will come with the wide body, almost 2 inches wider than the previous S, and about 1 inch longer.

The trunk at the front features a longer, 70s-style aperture and it features a wide notch also reminiscent of that era. Wheel sizes are staggered with standard 20 inch wheels at the front and 21’s at the back, intended to give the larger car a more petite and sporty visual impact. The door handles are now shaved flush, and pop out at the press of a key fob button.

At the back the lights are sleeker, and the full-width light bar is featured on all variants this time.


Inside, the changes make the 991 look ancient, with a significantly more sculpted dash and larger media screen, while there’s another references to the past in the centrally mounted tach. One of the more controversial changes can be found on the center console, where the PDK’s gear selector has been replaced with a shaver-like nubbin that’s too small to be gripped like a traditional shifter.

One wonders if this change, along with the new rain mode and beefed up crash protection, can be attributed to going after a bigger market, parts of which might have been intimidated by sports cars of the past, and with the 992, Porsche is saying, “The 911 is nothing like the scary car you may have imagined. Come give it a spin and you’ll see.”


While some bemoan the increase in size and weight and insist that the car is now a grand tourer, Porsche would be quick to point out how just as advances in technology turned other vehicles into more well-rounded machines (think single purpose military aircraft > multi-role machines), the 911 has likewise turned into a beast around a track that can also deliver you in comfort to New York after a seven hour drive.

While only the Carrera S is available now, other variants will follow later this year, including the very sexy Targa. And the future? The hybrid is coming, and we can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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