Hampton Roads Is The 13th Best Place To Work In Tech

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Hampton Roads is tied for 13th on the list of the best places in the country to work in tech, according to a new report from the financial technology company Smart Asset.

They compared 50 localities using five different metrics: the percentage of workers employed in tech, average salary for tech workers, ratio of average tech salary to average salary across all fields, percentage of current bachelor’s jobs listed that are in tech, and cost of living. The five areas were all weighted equally.

According to the writers, Orlando, FL (and surrounding areas) is the best place to work in tech this year, on the strength of its tech salaries, tech-related job listings, and the area’s cost of living.

Here in Hampton Roads we fared well across all categories, boasting an average tech salary of $92,000, with 3.4 percent of the workforce in tech fields and 17 percent of our job listings in tech fields.

Among our neighbors Richmond, Virginia is 6th best, while Baltimore, MD tied for 9th, and Raleigh, NC is 16th.

If our result is surprising, you can expect the numbers for Hampton Roads and all other Virginia localities to get even better—and quickly.

We already have the country’s best tech talent pipeline, and the state recently initiated a $2 billion Tech Talent Investment Program to insure we continue to churn out more young STEM workers every year. This talent combined with our other resources (some claim that 70% of the world’s internet traffic goes through VA), and Virginia’s status as the best state for business should mean the Old Dominion will be increasingly attractive to tech firms looking for a good place to call home, and to potential employees as well.

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Dominic Castillo

Dominic Castillo

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