Marijuana Has Been Legalized In Virginia

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з 4.1-645. Home cultivation of marijuana for personal use; penalties.

The state of Virginia became the 16th state to legalize recreational marijuana on Friday, with both the Senate and House of Delegates passing their legalization bills (HB 2312 & SB 1406).

This move comes just one year after decriminalization, and only months after the state released its study looking into the feasibility of legalization.

The bills will next undergo reconciliation to ensure they mirror each other and to hammer down the fine points, and then head to the governor’s desk, where they are almost certain to get the required signature.

The first dispensary purchases are likely to take place in January of 2024, with adults likely able to purchase and possess up to an ounce of marijuana product. While simple possession will be legal much sooner, it is unclear whether we’ll have to wait that long to be able to grow at home.


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Dominic Castillo

Dominic Castillo

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