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Janice Miles - Placement Homes

Meet Janice Miles, the compassionate force behind Johnson Homes.

In 2019, Janice’s personal journey, involving navigating her mother’s battle with early onset dementia, became the driving inspiration behind this remarkable initiative. Witnessing firsthand the struggles her own family faced in finding stable housing and essential support, Janice founded Johnson Homes as a beacon of hope for the underserved.

At Johnson Homes, it’s not just about providing a roof over someone’s head; it’s about crafting a nurturing environment where individuals regain their independence and dignity. The approach is deeply personal. Each resident’s story is heard, understood, and woven into a unique care plan. From the moment they step through the door, residents are embraced by a community that cares.

Janice Miles - Johnson Homes


A community that cares

Through strategic collaborations with local mental health agencies, nursing facilities, and Veterans organizations, Johnson Homes doesn’t just offer housing; it offers a comprehensive support network. Whether it’s finding immediate shelter, connecting residents with crucial community resources, or partnering with specialized services like Crisis Stabilization and Mental Health support, Johnson Homes ensures that no one is left to face life’s challenges alone.

The residents of Johnson Homes have inspiring stories to tell. Take Gwen, for instance. Struggling after the loss of her husband and a debilitating stroke, she found not just a home here, but a purpose. Today, she manages one of the homes, a testament to her resilience and the transformative power of Johnson Homes.

Then there’s Dona, who arrived frail and isolated, unable to navigate her second-floor apartment. With unwavering care and dedication, she not only regained her physical strength but also her zest for life. Dona’s story is just one of many, illustrating the profound impact Johnson Homes has on lives.

Johnson Homes
Johnson Homes
Johnson Homes


In the heart of the community, Johnson Homes stands as a testament to the belief that every life deserves stability and every person is worth empowering. Through Janice’s dedication and the collective efforts of the team, Johnson Homes isn’t just providing homes; it’s building futures, one person at a time.

connecting residents with crucial community resources


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