Virginia Beach Is One Of The Best Cities For Jobs

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Virginia Beach: Balancing Opportunities and Lifestyle

Virginia Beach is one of the best cities for jobs in 2024, according to a recent WalletHub’s report.


WalletHub’s evaluation of the best job markets in the U.S. involved an analysis of 182 cities, including the 150 most populated U.S. cities and at least two of the most populated cities in each state.

The assessment was conducted across two primary dimensions: “Job Market” and “Socio-economics,” with a deliberate emphasis on the former due to its significant impact on a job seeker’s decision to relocate for employment.

WalletHub considered 31 relevant metrics within these dimensions, each assigned specific weights to reflect its relative importance. These metrics covered a range of factors such as job opportunities, employment growth, salary, unemployment rate, industry variety, and socio-economic indicators like median annual income, transit accessibility, housing affordability, and safety.

The grading of each metric on a 100-point scale, with a higher score indicating favorable conditions, allowed for a nuanced evaluation. The resulting weighted averages across all metrics were used to calculate each city’s overall score and determine its rank.


In WalletHub’s latest study, Scottsdale, Arizona emerges as the epitome of a thriving job market, securing the coveted title of the best city for jobs in the country this year. Boasting an impressive first-place ranking in the Job Market dimension, Scottsdale excels in factors such as job opportunities, employment growth, and monthly average starting salary.

Additionally, the city secures a commendable sixth-place position in the Socio-economics dimension, highlighting the holistic appeal of Scottsdale beyond job prospects. Factors such as median annual income, housing affordability, and safety contribute to its well-rounded profile, making it an ideal destination not only for career-driven individuals but also for those seeking a high quality of life.

Virginia Beach has secured the 32nd position, reaffirming its status as a favorable city for jobs in the United States this year. The city exhibits a balanced performance, earning the 42nd spot in the Job Market dimension and the 48th position in Socio-economics.

While Virginia Beach may not clinch the top ranks in specific job-related factors, it remains a competitive choice for job seekers due to its steady job market and reasonable socio-economic conditions. The 42nd position in the Job Market dimension reflects aspects like job opportunities, employment growth, and salary satisfaction.

Simultaneously, the 48th position in Socio-economics considers factors such as median annual income, housing affordability, and overall quality of life. Virginia Beach’s respectable placement in both dimensions underscores its ability to offer a balanced and attractive environment for professionals, making it a notable contender in the national job market landscape.

Renowned for its economic diversity and stability, Virginia Beach boasts a robust economic landscape. The city is home to key industries that serve as pillars of job growth, and has demonstrated resilience and adaptability to changing economic landscapes, fostering growth and opportunities in various sectors.

Beyond the professional realm, Virginia Beach offers a high quality of life that enhances its appeal to residents. From scenic views to cultural amenities, the city provides a well-rounded experience for those seeking not only fulfilling careers but also an enriching lifestyle.

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