Virginia Beach Is Looking For Ambassadors

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The city of Virginia Beach is looking for ambassadors. Do you have what it takes?

The city is looking for people to be friendly faces around town, helping visitors and locals in need, as well as cleaning, observing, and interacting with local businesses to help address their specific needs. From the Indeed listing:

What’s an Ambassador? It’s someone who’s willing to talk to people, to take ownership in your city and do whatever it takes to make sure visitors are safe and secure with a friendly smile and feel safe and welcome. Duties include: Cleaning, Greeting, Patrolling, Reporting, Giving directions to visitors, Being helpful to citizens in need, and doing everything with a SMILE and a GREAT ATTITUDE! Can you handle that? Yep, it's that easy. We need people with great customer service skills who like to help people. If you like to meet new people and help visitors find their way around the Virginia Beach District, then you'll be a perfect fit.

The listing currently has the status “Urgently Hiring,” and was created by Block By Block, who provide similar services in over 100 other locations. Their teams help cities with the little things that might need addressing, like lost visitors, potholes and graffiti, small clean up jobs, and reporting low-level crime.

To learn more, check out the listing at Indeed.

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