Virginia Beach Gets A New Reggae Festival

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Virginia Beach’s New Reggae Festival

Virginia Beach is adding a Reggae festival to the growing list of major draws at the Oceanfront, and it’s set to happen for the first time this coming summer.

With an electrifying lineup featuring a number of major acts, the inaugural Point Break Festival promises to deliver an unforgettable fusion of music, culture, and community vibes.

Headlining the two-day Oceanfront event are the iconic band Sublime and hip-hop sensation Wiz Khalifa, setting the stage for an epic musical journey. Joining them are an array of talented artists spanning various genres, promising something for everyone:

Stephen Marley

Steel Pulse

Pepper Tribal Seeds

Fortunate Youth


The Expendables

Bumpin Uglies



Beyond the music, Point Break Festival will offer a plethora of activities and attractions to keep you entertained throughout the weekend, from interactive art installations to a variety of food vendors.

Local Impact:

In addition to providing a platform for world-class entertainment, organizers say they will be partnering with local businesses and organizations to foster economic growth and community development in Virginia Beach.

They have also said the festival will be implementing green initiatives to minimize its ecological footprint. From recycling programs to eco-friendly packaging, they’ll be utilizing a wide variety of strategies to ensure a sustainable festival experience.

In 2023, the vibrant young music festival scene in Virginia Beach made waves not only in the hearts of attendees but also in the local economy, generating a staggering economic impact of approximately $100 million. With eight music festivals captivating audiences throughout the year, the city experienced a significant boost in tourism, hotel bookings, dining, retail sales, and various other sectors.

These festivals not only provided entertainment and cultural enrichment but also served as powerful catalysts for economic growth and prosperity in the region. From headlining acts to local artisans, each festival contributed to the thriving cultural tapestry of Virginia Beach while leaving a lasting imprint on its economic landscape.

The new Point Break Festival is set for the first two days of June this year. Tickets are available now, with various pricing tiers to accommodate every budget.

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