Moxy Hotel – Trendy New Hotel Goes Up At The Virginia Beach Oceanfront

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The Virginia Beach oceanfront is getting a trendy new option for lodging at the youth-oriented south end of the strip. 

In contrast to the more upscale north end, the south end is intended to be the livelier spot for younger visitors to the beach, and that calls for establishments that cater to their tastes and to their spending power.

The Moxy hotel currently going up two blocks from the pier should prove the perfect addition. The chain is a Marriott-owned brand that tout themselves as being for the young at heart: “The animated brand combines stylish, industrial design and sociable service at an affordable price point…Featuring small but smart bedrooms and vibrant social spaces with bold programming to plug and play, the Moxy experience is seriously considered and playfully executed.” 

The first Moxy hotel opened in Milan in 2014, and the newest will be located on the water at the corner of 12th and Atlantic, where the Baymont Hotel stood before it was demolished in 2020. It’s expected to have seven floors and 70,000 square feet, and visitors will be welcomed by a horseshoe entrance. They’ll enjoy 134 rooms and multiple bars and an oceanfront pool, as well as a slide from the second floor down to the first.

There are now over 60 Moxy hotels across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The one going up at the strip is being built by Hourigan, the construction company that also brought us the oceanfront’s Hyatt Place. Completion of the project is expected in the summer of 2023.

Moxy Hotel Miami South Beach

Moxy Hotel NYC East Village

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Dominic Castillo

Dominic Castillo

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