The Rudee Loop Redevelopment Poll Results

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Reimagining Rudee Loop: Public Input Shapes Virginia Beach Project

The Rudee Loop Redevelopment project at the Oceanfront aims to re-envision the prominent waterfront area with the goal of creating a vibrant public space that attracts visitors and fosters community engagement.

Four proposals were submitted in response to a Request for Information and Ideas (RFII) in 2022, and subsequently the city of Virginia Beach and Work Program Architects conducted a public input poll to gather feedback on proposed designs and amenities. The results were presented at a city council meeting on March 28, and offered some valuable insights into the community’s priorities for the location.

The poll was conducted online, and over 4,000 responses were collected. Participants were asked to rate their level of support for features like outdoor seating, public restrooms, and a boardwalk, as well as to share their ideas for how the area could be improved.

The poll results offered a valuable glimpse into the community’s priorities for Rudee Loop. The findings revealed that the community highly values accessible amenities and natural spaces in the area. Specifically, there was strong support for a playground and a stage/plaza, with a large number of respondents indicating that they would like to see these features included in the project.

Other popular features included a skatepark, which 14% of respondents supported, and a dog park, which was requested by 12% of respondents.

When asked what they don’t want to see at Rudee Loop, respondents most commonly mentioned hotels/resorts, residential buildings, and parking garages.

Of the four proposals submitted, the Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation submission was the most popular. The plan includes a pedestrian and bicycle path, a performance space, public art, restrooms, outdoor showers, shaded seating, and a green space with native plants.

It also proposes the addition of a beach house to house a restaurant, bathrooms, and retail spaces.

The Virginia Gentlemen Foundation’s proposal was the second most popular among respondents. It includes a boardwalk, playground, food truck court, and a new building that could house a restaurant or market.

The proposal also features a large public space that can accommodate events, as well as a parking lot and a small plaza area.

The city has indicated that the final plan may incorporate elements from two or more proposals.

The results of the poll offer a promising future for the southern end of the VB strip. With the community’s vision in mind, Rudee Loop is finally on track to become the destination it has always had the potential to be.

City Council will next hold an open session dedicated to the Rudee Loop project this summer.

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