2 Of The 5 Best Botanical Gardens For Holiday Lights Are Here In/Near Hampton Roads

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According to 10best.com, two of the top five botanical gardens holiday light displays are right here in or near Hampton Roads.

The site had its writers visit and confer on brilliant holiday light displays across the country in 2019, and while top honors went to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, the experts found that two Virginia gardens were close behind.

Our splendid Norfolk Botanical Garden ranked 5th, with the experts applauding the one million plus twinkling lights in the Garden of Lights drive-through. As the light display is exclusively drive-through for 2020, the designers have chosen to put up even more lights along the tour than normal.  Tickets are still available, so make sure to catch the show.

Take a short trip up to Richmond to catch the second best botanical garden light display in the country, the Garden of Lights at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. This year will feature some of the memorable shapes from the past, while some other favorites like the tree house will return next year. Get your tickets here and make sure to arrive in the thirty minute arrival window you’ve been given.

And don’t forget that you can catch the lights over the boardwalk just as always!


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