New Airline Coming To Norfolk Brings $39 Domestic Flights

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Some summer travel options just got a lot more tempting for Hampton Roads residents thanks to an exciting development at Norfolk International Airport.

Breeze Airways is making Hampton Roads one of its initial four operations bases, and that means extremely affordable flights are soon to follow for some destinations.

Breeze will be investing $5.2 million to bring their operation to Tidewater, and will be helped by the state investing $400,000 from its Commonwealth’s Development Opportunity Fund, a resource used to help secure companies considering bringing a business to Virginia.

Breeze founder and CEO David Neeleman is also responsible for bringing JetBlue, Westjet, Azul, and Morris Air to the skies. The new facilities are expected to bring over 100 jobs.

Senator Lynwood Lewis had this to say about the development:

Breeze Airways choosing Norfolk as one of five cities in which to establish an operations center is a testament to the continued growth of the greater Hampton Roads region as a business hub and travel destination. The investment being made by the company and by the Commonwealth, as well as continued support from the City of Norfolk, has the potential to directly connect the greater Hampton Roads region to people across the country. This is a great development for the future of Norfolk and the region.

It’s already possible to book summer flights at the site, and below you can get an idea of what we found at the time of printing. You might want to act fast, though, as these seats aren’t likely to be available for long.

ORF Outbound Examples

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Jamelia Todd

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