Virginia Beach Seeks Modern, Iconic Replacement For 68 Year Old Pier

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It may be time for a new pier at the oceanfront, and what eventually get is likely to be a city and even regional icon recognizable around the world.

The allure of the beach, waves, and sunshine draws an estimated 14 million visitors to the oceanfront every year, and The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is always a big draw. But the original is showing its age, having been built in 1950.

On March 9, the city posted a public notice inviting submissions for consideration specifying what it was seeking in the eventual replacement to the old pier. Some key requirements:

The city received 3 proposals, one by the Virginia Beach Development Authority, who seeks to partner with a private developer and lease the property from the city and to that developer. The other two submissions were from private developers, one seeking to build a new pier at 15th Street, the other proposed a pier at 17th Street.

Next, City Council will hear public comments on the proposed project in a future meeting.

pier proposal

Proposed pier at 15th street submitted by Virginia Beach Pier Place Development LLC.

Key Requirements

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Maddison Pace

Maddison Pace

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