How Glamorous Is Virginia Beach?

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Virginia Beach’s Rising Star with Urban Renaissance and Entertainment Marvels

Beyond the sun-soaked beaches and lively boardwalk, Virginia Beach is evolving, and embracing new facets of metropolitan modernity while retaining the charm that has long defined its character.

During this transitional phase, it could be worthwhile to examine the current position of this coastal retreat in comparison to those places it will be compared to, focusing on a crucial big city characteristic that holds significance for both visitors and residents alike: glamour.

Understanding the Criteria

In its recent study intended to find the most glamorous places in America, LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities by gathering publicly available data on specific metrics. These were then organized into six distinct categories: Status and Wealth, Clubs, Fine Dining, Beauty, Fashion, and Entertainment. To ensure a nuanced evaluation, weighted scores were calculated for each city within each category.

The scores across all categories were then averaged for each city. The ranking system positioned the city with the highest average score as the “Best” (No. 1), while the city with the lowest average score was deemed the “Worst” (No. 200).


Perhaps unsurprisingly, New York City stands as the epitome of glamour in the US this year, commanding the top spot in all categories except one, where it demonstrates a surprising exception. In the category of beauty, New York takes a still commendable 61st place. The city that never sleeps dominates in areas of status, wealth, clubs, fine dining, fashion, and entertainment, reflecting its reputation as a global icon of sophistication and allure. Following in the wake of the Big Apple, the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago secure the 2nd through 5th positions, respectively.

Virginia Beach claims the 58th position in the glamorous city rankings, a strong showing for a city that didn’t even have a downtown 25 years ago. Notably, the city shines in three particular categories, with its strongest performance in entertainment, securing the 33rd position. Additionally, Virginia Beach excels in the beauty category, attaining a solid 36th place. The city’s multitude of aesthetic offerings, whether in the form of luxury beauty and spa businesses or other related services, plays a pivotal role in defining its glamorous identity. Furthermore, the fashion category sees Virginia Beach standing strong at 43rd place, reflecting a stylish and trend-conscious community.

While these are already respectable results, the amount of glamour in Virginia Beach is poised for an upward turn. A series of transformative developments are on the horizon, and they promise to completely change the feel of the city in the near future.

The continued development of the city’s new downtown hub, Town Center, coupled with the coming transformation of Pembroke Mall, promises to inject a fresh vibrancy into the urban landscape. The evolving central business district will soon boast many new shops, hotels, and entertainment options that will significantly surpass its current offerings. This revitalization not only signals a commitment to growth but also ensures that Virginia Beach’s glamour is set to flourish with an enriched and dynamic cityscape.

Additionally, the completion of the upscale north end redevelopment of the world-famous oceanfront strip, along with the upcoming park at the south end, will undoubtedly enhance the city’s appeal, offering residents and visitors alike an elevated coastal experience.

And a significant catalyst for heightened glamour at the coast lies in the coming Atlantic Park entertainment complex, set to introduce a dynamic blend of shops, entertainment venues, and a wave park.

It’s clear that this coastal haven is already more than just a summer destination. With a thriving nightlife, a dynamic fashion scene, and a community-driven spirit, Virginia Beach stands tall among the most glamorous cities in the US.

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