Virginia Beach Among The Safest Cities Again

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Recognized Among the Nation’s Safest Cities by Scholaroo and Beyond

Virginia Beach is one of the safest cities to live in, according to a recent report by Scholaroo.


In order to find the safest cities in the country, their data team analyzed crime and safety indicators per capita of 150 American cities, assigning each metric a ranking on a 100-point scale. The resulting scores were then used to rank the cities in the sample, providing a clear picture of their relative safety levels.

The metrics considered include the number of police officers per capita, homicide rate, registered sexual assaults, registered sex offenders, robbery cases, aggravated assault cases, school shootings registered in the last 10 years, neighborhood watch group participation, arson cases, house burglaries, larcenies/thefts, and motor vehicle thefts.

Each metric was given a specific weight based on its significance in reflecting the overall safety of a city, ensuring a balanced and nuanced evaluation.


According to Scholaroo’s study, this year’s three safest cities are Saint Paul, MN; Port St. Lucie, FL; and Cranston, RI.

Virginia Beach earned the 16th spot in the study, and is the highest ranked city in the state. Low crime rates, a robust law enforcement presence, and community-driven safety initiatives play pivotal roles in securing the city’s spot among the safest in the nation.

Virginia Beach’s reputation as one of the safest cities is reinforced by multiple recent studies. In a recent WalletHub study, the city secured an impressive 12th place in the ranking of the safest cities in the nation. Additionally, a study conducted by MoneyGeek called Virginia Beach the second safest big city in the country, recognizing its ability to ensure security even within the context of a larger urban environment.

These consistent findings across various studies not only validate Virginia Beach’s commitment to safety but also position it as a standout example of a city where residents can enjoy a secure and tranquil living experience.

While Virginia Beach basks in its reputation as a safe city, it’s essential to acknowledge that every community faces its own set of challenges. By identifying potential areas for improvement, the city can continue its journey towards enhancing safety measures and maintaining its standing among the safest cities in the U.S.

Additional Resources:

For those interested in delving deeper into Scholaroo’s report or exploring more about Virginia Beach’s safety measures, here are some additional resources:

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