Virginia Beach Is The 10th Best City To Live And Work For Outdoor Enthusiasts

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America is a big country full of natural wonders, and for outdoorsy types there are enough parks and beaches and mountain ranges to keep one busy for a lifetime. But what if you’re looking for a place that’s got a wealth of natural attractions right outside the door?

The people over at SmartAsset wanted to know the best places in the country for lovers of the outdoors to live and work, so compared 95 cities using the following metrics: down payment-to-income ratio; five-year change in median household income; July 2021 unemployment rate; percentage of commuters who walk or bike to work; nature parks and campgrounds per 100,000 residents; air pollution; percentage of the city that is parkland; state outdoor recreation economy; and state and national park coverage.

According to the writers, St. Petersburg, Florida is the best city in the country for lovers of the outdoors, followed by Madison, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon.

Virginia Beach is the tenth best place in the country, boasting the ninth cleanest air and the eighth-lowest unemployment in July. From the city’s website:

Virginia Beach is home to 293​ parks and park facilities, encompassing over 7,000 acres, including neighborhood and community parks, metro parks, signature parks, natural areas, waterway accesses, trail linkages, open space preservation areas and park athletic facilities. Each park is unique and offers something for everyone, from wide open spaces to playgrounds, picnic shelters, and ballfields.

The city has over 3 million trees, and its many bodies of water make up half of its area offering countless fishing and boating spots both freshwater and saltwater, not to mention the longest pleasure beach in the world. It is also located on the nation’s largest estuary, the Chesapeake Bay and an excellent Mid-Atlantic Climate means there’ll be opportunities to get outside throughout the year.

So go out and and get your two hours of nature time this week, taking advantage of all the city and region have to offer. And if you think you’re out of ideas, there are always great suggestions available at

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Jamelia Todd

Jamelia Todd

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