Shape the Future of Virginia Beach: The 2040 Comprehensive Plan Survey

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Your Voice Matters

Virginia Beach is preparing for the future, and your help is needed. The city is developing its 2040 Comprehensive Plan, a strategic roadmap designed to guide our community’s growth and development over the next two decades, and your input is crucial in shaping a future that works for everyone.

What is the 2040 Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-term vision for a city’s growth and development. It addresses key areas such as infrastructure, housing, the environment, and economic development. Virginia Beach’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan aims to create a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive community. By setting clear goals and strategies, the plan will guide city leaders in making informed decisions that benefit all residents.

Why Your Input Matters

The survey is a critical component of the planning process. It provides an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on various aspects of city life and to highlight areas that need improvement. Your feedback will directly influence the priorities and actions outlined in the comprehensive plan. In past planning efforts, community input has led to significant changes and improvements, demonstrating the power of resident participation.

Key Areas of Focus in the Survey

The survey covers several important topics, including:

  • Housing and Neighborhoods: How can we ensure that housing is affordable and accessible for all residents?
  • Transportation: What improvements are needed in our public transportation system and road infrastructure?
  • Environment and Sustainability: How can we better protect our natural resources and promote sustainable practices?
  • Economic Development: What types of businesses and industries should we attract to boost our local economy?
  • Community Services: What enhancements are needed in education, healthcare, and recreational facilities?

These questions align with the overall goals of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, ensuring that the community’s vision is at the heart of our future development.

How to Participate

Participating in the survey is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to have your voice heard:

  1. Access the Survey: Visit the Virginia Beach 2040 Comprehensive Plan survey page.
  2. Complete the Survey: Answer the questions based on your experiences and aspirations for the city.
  3. Submit Your Responses: Make sure to submit your responses before the deadline, midnight on June 25.

Don’t wait – take a few minutes today to contribute to our city’s future!

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