Marshall-Ridley Beautification Plan Is Underway In Newport News

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The Marshall-Ridley Residential Facade Program

Curb appeal is a vital aspect of any neighborhood’s aesthetic, and it can have a significant impact on a community’s overall value.

The appearance of homes and buildings within a neighborhood can influence potential homebuyers and impact the desirability of the community, and a well-maintained and visually appealing neighborhood can foster a sense of community pride and involvement, helping improve the quality of life for residents.

With this in mind, the city of Newport News has set aside two million dollars in grant money that it will distribute to residents of one of its neighborhoods.

The Marshall-Ridley Residential Facade Program is being administered by the Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NNRHA), the redevelopment arm of the city. The program is designed to enhance the aesthetic value of what was once the gateway to the city, the area alongside the northbound lanes of I-664 from the water to 40th Street, and east to Marshall Place.

The program provides financial assistance to eligible homeowners to make improvements to their homes’ facades, with a focus on preserving the original architecture and character of the property. And with a total of $2 million dollars in grant money at their disposal, a maximum of $20,000 is available to each homeowner that qualifies.

One of the eligible improvements is repairing or replacing porches and steps, which can contribute not only to neighborhood aesthetics, but can improve a home’s safety and accessibility.

mr plan

Repairing or replacing siding or trim can address issues related to wear and tear or damage caused by weather, and painting is also covered, as it can can help freshen up the look of a home and protect it from weather damage. Replacing windows is another improvement that can add both aesthetic appeal and also energy efficiency benefits.

One of the key guidelines of the Marshall-Ridley Residential Facade Program is the emphasis on matching the original architecture and character of the home when making improvements.

The program recognizes the importance of preserving the historic and cultural significance of homes in the community and encourages homeowners to maintain the unique features and charm of their properties.

By preserving the original design and architectural elements of a home, residents can contribute to the character and overall aesthetic. This approach not only adds value to individual properties but also enhances the neighborhood’s overall visual appeal.

How to Participate

To be eligible for the program, homeowners must meet certain income requirements, have a clear title, and be current on taxes and mortgage payments.

Interested homeowners can begin by reviewing the program guidelines outlined here. You can apply for the program by submitting an application and supporting documentation, and applications will then be evaluated based on eligibility, need, and availability of funds.

Homeowners should ensure their home is within the designated program area and that their proposed improvements meet program requirements.

mr plan 2

A submitted application and supporting documentation will be reviewed by a Finance Technician in the Community Development Department of NNRHA. If the application is approved, the Finance Technician will explain the terms of the Grant Agreement, and the project can begin.

A site visit will be conducted to review the proposed improvements, and a job cost estimate will be established. Next, the contractor bid process will match each project with the appropriate contractor, and the homeowner and contractor will sign the contract paperwork.

After completion of the project, an NNRHA inspector will perform a final inspection with the homeowner to ensure all improvements have been met. Finally, all paperwork will be signed, and payment to the contractor will be released.

Funds will be distributed on a first come, first served basis, so residents should apply soon. For more information, interested homeowners can contact the NNRHA at (757) 928-2661 or visit their website at


  • Residential Use and Residential Structure at least 15 years old.
  • Owner-Occupied Dwelling
    • Occupied by owner or direct/immediate family of owner (siblings, parents, child, spouse, grandparents, and grandchildren)
  • No building code violations that cannot be addressed by the program. Any building code violations needs to be corrected through program or by homeowner.
  • Current on all City taxes and fees (Real Estate, Stormwater, Personal Property, etc.)
  • Current on mortgage
  • Homeowner’s insurance is required
  • Flood insurance, if required

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