Virginia Beach One Of The Best Places For Valentine’s Day 2023

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Best Places For Valentine’s Day 2023

It’s time again to find out where the best places for lovers are.

Every year in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, personal finance website WalletHub conducts a study to determine just that. This year they compared the 100 biggest cities using a variety of factors that are relevant to the holiday, like nightlife options per capita, chocolate shops per capita, and the availability of flower shops and jewelry stores.

The heaviest-weighted factors were the cost of a three-course meal and the number of restaurants per capita.

The study also took into account more subjective factors, like the weather forecast and the overall romantic atmosphere of each city.

By using a combination of objective and subjective data, WalletHub was able to determine that San Francisco, CA is the best place for Valentine’s Day this year. They had top 10 scores in the categories of Budget, Activities and Gift Accessibility. Behind San Francisco are Seattle and San Diego, in second and third place, respectively.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach landed in 20th place on the list this year. Our highest score was in the category of Budget, at 12th-best in the country.

While it may not have cracked the top ten, Virginia Beach is still a solid choice for a Valentine’s Day getaway. With its miles of pristine beaches, romantic boardwalk, and vibrant nightlife, the city offers plenty of opportunities for couples to connect and celebrate their love. Additionally, the city has a number of great hotels and highly-rated restaurants, which serve up delicious cuisine for a romantic meal with your special someone.

The city’s inclusion in the top 20 cities for Valentine’s Day is a testament to its charm and appeal as a romantic destination.

Source: WalletHub

Best Places For Valentine's Day 2023

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